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Casuarina 'Cousin It'
Casuarina 'Cousin It'  Casuarina glauca (Prostrate form)

This weeping foliage feature plant called 'Cousin It' looks as though the Adam's family has moved into your garden! It has soft leaves - just like normal She Oak leaves but unlike a She Oak it only grows 30cm high! It will weep over a retaining wall and create soft mounded foliage perfect in a bush garden.

For such a peculiar plant, 'Cousin it' is surprisingly hardy. They will tolerate boggy soils, and can go for prolonged periods of dryness once established. This doesn't mean they thrive in dry soil, only that they will tolerate it. Casuarina will benefit from a top dressing of a native fertiliser a few times each year.   

So if you love the feel of She oaks but don't have the space, look out for Cousin It in your local garden centre today.

30cm high but 1m wide

As a groundcover beneath kangaroo paw or as a soft spillover cascade over a retaining wall.
Also great for hanging baskets or pots.

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