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Treloar Roses 2014 Releases
Treloar Roses deliver a fantastic assortment of new roses for 2014, all bred by one of the world’s most reputable rose breeder, Kordes of Germany, famously known for breeding the well known and popular Iceberg rose. Australian gardens will benefit from the beautiful array of colourful, fragrant and healthy new varieties that will be available in 2014.

Treloar Roses have been Kordes Australian agent since 1992. During this time they have released over 180 Kordes varieties onto the Australian market. These new releases, along with many other varieties of roses will be available from May 2014, with orders being taken now. They can be purchased directly from Treloar Roses or any leading nursery or garden centre Australia wide. All Treloar Roses are supplied bare root during the winter (May to August).

2014 varieties include:

‘Winter Sun’ Hybrid Tea Rose (Korbatam)
Classic shaped, light yellow blooms with the ability to flower deep into winter.

‘Red Riding Hood’ Floribunda Rose (Korcasima)
Red blooms are produced freely in large clusters on a dense, well branched bush.

‘Apache’ Modern Shrub Rose (Korcatemp)
This award winning shrub rose has masses of single blooms in an amazing intense red.

‘Addictive Lure’ Modern Shrub Rose (Koraddillu)
A strong, healthy upright bush produces deep, open cup-shaped fragrant blooms.

‘Dwarf Fairy’ Miniature Rose (Korzweenu)
Decorated with many international awards as well as a silver medal at our National Rose Trial Gardens.

‘Garden Delight’ Floribunda Rose (Korgohowa)
Fully double cup-shaped blooms, where the delightful blend of yellow and intense red varies with the climate.

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