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Ixora - Prince of Orange
Prince of Orange (Ixora chinensis)

Fiery orange inflorescence made up of hundreds of rocket shaped flowers. This small tropical shrub bears spherical cluster of tangerine rocket flowers that resemble shooting stars. Cloaked in glossy evergreen foliage, it provides a wonderful low backdrop to other foliage accents. Keep well mulched and feed with compost of leaf mould. Recent cultivars include 'Splash', a yellow-flowering variegated form that is not so cold tolerant. A white-flowering form, called 'Kampon's Pride', is also available.

Ixora needs a warm, frost-free environment with high humidity to flower through the warmer months. Trim finished flowers, mulch thickly, feed in autumn and spring with a general garden feed. Plant in dappled shade or on a light but covered balcony. Great for warm coastal positions. Dislikes the frost.

Ixora are great in pots or used as a bedding plant in gardens.

Pests and Disease
Ixora are susceptible to root fungus, so ensure the soil is mounded and drains well.

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