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Princettia Poinsettia
Description: 'Princettia' (Euphorbia spp) has unusual pink coloured bracts that resemble big petals. ‘Princettia’ is a compact growing poinsettia that grows to be a small shrub. They have strong stems that support an abundant display of colourful bracts. They flower for an extended period of time throughout the colder months of the year.

Care: Plants prefer a well light, warm location, but avoid intense summer sun. After flowering, lightly prune the plant back by half and feed with Sudden Impact For Roses.

Fifty cents from the sale of each plant goes towards breast cancer research. The Princettia National Breast Cancer Foundation program raised $115,550 to June 30, 2012.There are currently three colours available: Candy Pink, Bright Pink and Deep Pink.

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